CCI at 10: From The Office Of The Apostle 

CCI at 10: From The Office Of The Apostle 

Hello Family, 

It brings me great joy to officially announce that Celebration Church International is 10 years old — Gloryyyy! 

From small, humble beginnings in Ikotun Lagos, with a total of 9 Pastors and about 100 members, to our newest inaugurated campus — CCI Birmingham — Celebration Church is a testimony of God’s faithfulness and the fulfilment of prophecies that have gone before us! 

Today, we have over 7,000 members in 11 branches globally — CCI Ikeja, CCI Abuja, CCI Lagos Island, CCI Port Harcourt, CCI Canada, CCI Ibadan, CCI UK Kingdom, CCI USA, CCI Ife, CCI Ago and CCI Birmingham — the Gospel spreads, the Gospel prevails! 

I am so emotional as I think about all 7000 and counting family members who are part of this vision already, and it warms my heart when I think of the billions of souls we’re going to reach; the many brothers and sisters yet to join us.

It has never been a numbers game, and we’ve seen growth past the superficial. We’ve seen lives transformed & we’ve heard testimonies that shook the foundations of hell! 

We haven’t just witnessed an increase in size, we’ve seen growth in the knowledge of the word, fervency in prayer and the providence of God in our lives to take authority and to influence culture.

All Glory To God Alone! 

Yet, this is just the beginning. God is set to do even more mighty things! Isaiah 43:19 says “Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it?”

Celebration Church International is just getting started. Our mandate hasn’t changed — 1 billion souls, 10,000 cities!

What’s next? 

The work continues, and we keep our eyes on the goal, pressing on: 

Serving God by His Spirit, keeping our altars burning, meditating on the word day & night, and waxing stronger in our commitment to the gospel. 

In this 10th year, I implore you to not be far from the place of prayer and fellowship. Triumph30, our daily devotional media platform, makes a fantastic training ground for your spiritual muscles. 

Never forget that our mission of enlisting, disciplining and redeploying men for Christ to spread the gospel and win more souls can only be achieved by our collective effort — it’s our biggest strategy for how we’ve come such a long way already! 

The harvest is plenty, and the vineyard always needs more hands. If you haven’t already, please join the Celeforce to contribute your quota to the body of Christ as we know Him & make Him known to all the nations of the earth. 

We’re taking the world for Jesus, and while at it, we’ll continually experience Progress & Joy in the Faith, and Celebrate Endless Life, In Christ, For Christ, With Joy! 

Rejoiceeee — CCI IS 10! 🎈


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November 13, 2022

Glory to God💃💃 The mandate still remains the same, a billion soul in 10 000 cities!!!



November 13, 2022

Before now, when we say a billion souls in 10,000 cities, I see it as something that will be difficult to achieve so I just say it by faith, but now I see CCI and I see a church with a billion members in 10,000 cities



November 13, 2022

Glory to Jesus… Thank you Apostle… We march on.


Mitchelle Dorcas

November 13, 2022

Glory to God.💃🏿
Thank you, Apostle.

Happy Anniversary, Family.



November 13, 2022

🥺🥺Thank you Sir for saying yes to God. We’re all here because of your singular obedience. We love you!!!!!! Congratulations on CCI’s 10th birthday!!!!



November 13, 2022

Thank you so much Apostle for yielding.
The mandate remains- a billion souls in ten thousand cities. 🔥
Happy anniversary CCI 🎉



November 13, 2022

Glory to God!
Thank God for his faithfulness these 10 years, We look forward to many more years carrying this Vision-A Billion Souls in Ten Thousand Cities, Celebrating endless Life in Christ Jesus!!!



November 17, 2022

A billion souls in ten thousand cities!!!!!!