Confirming the Gospel in a Noisy World

Confirming the Gospel in a Noisy World

The world nowadays is filled with so much noise that many people are starting to lose their convictions. As a believer, it is your duty to ensure that the gospel remains the only truth in the world. Confirming the gospel in the world is therefore as important as sharing it.  

Before we go on, below are some important points for you to always remember;

  • Global evangelism is for every believer.
  • As a believer, you should be capable and ready to defend your hope and belief always.
  • If you don’t see the great commission with the lens of the scripture, you will be easily satisfied.

What does it mean to confirm the gospel?

Confirmation of the gospel means to establish the truth until all doubts and falsehoods are eradicated. There is no other way to establish the word of God in the heart of people without tearing down falsehoods (Matthew 15:13). Confirmation helps to strengthen believers. If you get too political with the truth, you won’t be effective. 

Here are 4 ways to confirm the gospel:

1. Talk about it always

There has to be a frequency to sharing the gospel for it to be effective. Irrespective of the number of times it takes, you have to keep repeating the gospel until it sticks. One social media caption per year is not enough to establish the truth. You can only establish a truth that you repeat. The gospel got you through repetition (Acts 20:31). Everything that has the privilege of thriving with repetition will be established, likewise the gospel.

2. Get the gospel viral

There is no information worth sharing in the world like the gospel and nowadays any information worth sharing is propagated through social media. As such, you should create an environment for the gospel to thrive on social media. Develop the discipline to engage in social media posts about the gospel. Like, comment and share the gospel always. Doing these makes it more likely for someone to see. You need to get the gospel trending every day. 

3. Emphasize the gospel for its stability 

Emphasis begat convictions. With confirmation, you get to stabilise the truth. This can be done either on a personal level or on a corporate level such as a community. Always check the pulse of your city to know what they are listening to. The quality of investment in your heart will direct your thoughts, words and actions (Galatians 5:12). The more the church is exposed to falsehood, the more convictions of the church will wane (Galatians 1:6-7). What you and your community pay attention to is what will regulate your spiritual experience. You can influence this to build stability in the community by emphasis. 

4. Compete for the truth

Whether you are conscious of it or not, there is an opposition out there. The enemy also has ‘his truth’ and he is trying to infiltrate your culture with these lies. As such, there is a competition between you two. Believers are in a battle for souls so everything you do must be with a mentality to catch men. Learn to tell the truth of God’s word so it is more compelling than the opposition (1Corinthians 9:25). Having a goal for the gospel will make you intentional about this competition.  You should do whatever it takes to compete for the truth (Jude 1: 3). The early church had a goal for the word of God to grow and dominate (2 Thessalonians 3:1), this should be your goal always also. 

Confirming the gospel is a very important task for all believers. If you want to grow and dominate, you have to be intentional about this. The bible was particular about numbers (1Timothy2:4), as such you cannot afford to be content with little. Speak about the message with every platform that matters. You need to have a sense of responsibility for the gospel. 

Have you ever tried any of these ways? Comment below to share your experience. You can also listen to the full message on confirming the gospel here.

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