About Finding Salaam

Finding Salaam is an evangelical ministry of Celebration Church International dedicated to reaching out to the Muslim community with the gospel.

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Purpose of the training

This training is aimed at equipping Christians with knowledge about who Muslims are and what they believe in.

And also to provide effective strategies on how to deliver the gospel to Muslims.

It’s a weekly training that would span for 2 months.

Objective of the Traning

After this training, we hope that every one trained is able to effectively engage with Muslims as a result of better understanding of the Islam faith, and are better equipped to preach the gospel of Christ to Muslims.

Finding Salaam

We have designed a comprehensive curriculum to help you understand and adequately communicate the gospel with Muslims.

 Our topics will include


Jesus came to the world to fulfill a purpose. Join the Finding Salaam team as we discuss the purpose Jesus came to the world to fulfill, through the lens of the Bible and in juxtaposition to what the Quran believes.

Historical background of Islam

In the words of Theodore Roosevelt; “The more you know about the past, the better you are prepared for the future”. This class will help you understand Islamic history, the teachings of the Quran, the articles of the Islam faith, and the religious texts (Hadiths) that constitutes the Islamic ideology.

More than a religion

To effectively engage Muslims, we need to properly understand who they are and uncover what Islam stands for.

The Difference

This class will help you have a better understanding of the difference between the Christian and Islamic faith, and what they both represent.

The Quran on the Bible’s authenticity

What does the Quran have to say about the Bible’s authenticity? Join this class to find out.

Answering Muslim Objections

This is a practical class, where primary islam objections to the Bible would be thoroughly addressed.

Engaging Muslims

There is a “way” to engage Muslims with the truth of the gospel. Join this class, as we discuss in details how to effectively engage Muslims.

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