How to Deal with Anxiety

How to Deal with Anxiety

We live in a world that thrives on anxiety. There is always something to worry about at every stage of life; from school to marriage to childbirth…the list is endless. However, according to Dr Walter Calvert, only 8% of our worries are legitimate, the other 92% will never happen or are not even real. So, while we may have legitimate concerns worrying is not the way to address them.

According to Matthew 6:25-33, here are five reasons why we shouldn’t be anxious;

  1. Life is more than meat and raiment. 

There are more important things to life than what we eat, drink and our current account balance. As believers, our life does not consist in the abundance of things that we possess. Our purpose on this earth is to know Christ and make him known. Christ is our life. Hence, we should always walk confident of who we are in Christ and not what we have. There is more to us than all our material possessions; we have more in Christ than money can buy.

  1. Worry won’t improve our lives. 

No matter how legitimate our concerns may seem, worrying cannot change it. However, taking actions to improve can go a long way in changing those bad situations. We shouldn’t allow worry hold us back from doing what God has asked us to do and following his will for our life. Likewise, counting the cost of our decisions will help in difficult situations. Settling these things in our mind will help us prepare adequately for the future.

  1.   The gentiles (unbelievers) worry.

There has to be a difference between us and the unbelievers. We have something they don’t have; a heavenly father. We shouldn’t be caught acting like orphans when we have a father in heaven that cares about us. Instead of worrying, we should  trust him. 

  1. Worry is a demonstration of little faith. 

Seeing things from God’s perspective makes the seemingly great challenges in our lives look very small. There is no other sane way to go through life than to trust God. There will always be uncertainties in life. A better way to deal with these uncertainties is by putting our faith in God.

  1. God is providential. 

God can go into the future to influence it to our advantage. Trusting in the providence of God gives us a different perspective about the uncertainties in our lives. The birds of the air move around in search of food, and they are never disappointed. This shows God’s providence to the birds. However, he says we are worth more than many sparrows and if the birds can trust him, then we should trust him more. The complexities of our present cannot intimidate his plan for our future.

Three ‘P’s to deal with anxiety

1. Practice. 

Anxiety is often a reflection of inexperience. When the opportunity to fight Goliath comes, we should be able to boldly say that we have faced the lion and the bear. Hence, we should start doing small things in the direction of our big dreams now. The more we practice, the more confident we get, and the less anxious we get. Don’t run away from fear, there are several treasures on the other side of fear. Let’s build our faith.

2. Prayer. 

There is nothing that prayer cannot handle. The Bible says, “Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything” (Philippians 4:6). Prayer gives us strength to overcome. 

3. Praise. 

Praise is a step of faith that declares our trust in God. With praise, our minds move from its anxious state to a more relaxed one. 

Finally, you should read this over and over again so you are well prepared the next time your heart starts to worry. In simple steps; take a deep breath and remind yourself of all we have discussed above. Then, go ahead and put these three P’s into action, it will change your life.

You can listen to the full message on learning to deal with anxiety here

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