Overcoming Trauma and Letting Go of Past Mistakes

Overcoming Trauma and Letting Go of Past Mistakes

Usually, when people read Acts 8:26-40, they notice the Ethiopian eunuch’s willingness to learn from Philip and his affluence. However, they cannot see the trauma behind his lifestyle. Like this eunuch, you may have a good job, a nice car and a house, you are good looking and people think you have it all together. Yet, there are traumatic experiences from your childhood or relationships or even past mistakes that still haunt you. Nevertheless, this article teaches you that overcoming trauma and letting go of your past mistakes is achievable and shows you how (Hebrews 4:15).

How to overcome trauma and let go of past mistakes:

Although the pains of your past mistakes are affecting present decisions that may affect your future, what matters is that God sees you and is prepared to heal you. In overcoming trauma and letting go of past mistakes, here are some steps that will help:

1. Remember that Jesus makes whole

There are countless present-day testimonies of people whom Jesus has made whole from their past sins and mistakes. Jesus is ready to put you together piece-by-piece regardless of how long you have endured that pain or struggled with that sin (1st Corinthians 6:9, 2nd Timothy 1:7). And because Jesus makes whole, you must forget your past. 

2. Be vulnerable

Just as it is necessary to expose some cuts to air so that they can dry up and heal, it is also necessary for you to be vulnerable with your wounds so you can heal. You need to learn to talk to someone about your feelings and weaknesses. There is no award for putting up a brave face and acting like you are okay when you are not. 

3. Choose forgiveness

Just because a relationship failed doesn’t mean you failed in life. God has sons and daughters that He has prepared for you and He alone can restore your lost years (Joel 2:25). With abuse, there is a need for accountability with the law for abusers. However, bearing a grudge against an abuser will not make them stop their wicked acts. The best you can do is to report them to the authorities and work on yourself to forgive them for your healing. Being unforgiving is like drinking poison and expecting someone else to die. Please forgive today!

4. Protect your vulnerability

Learn to choose the people you trust wisely. That you met someone in church doesn’t mean you should trust them. Stay away from people who have the potential to drag you back to your past or into sin, no matter your excuse. Don’t say you want to preach the gospel to them by associating closely with them and you forget evil communication corrupts good manners (1st Corinthians 15:33). You know yourself best and you know the areas you struggle in, so protect yourself from those things or people. 

5. The supernatural God can intervene supernaturally in your relationship

The story of Mary, Jesus’s mother, is a great example of how God can save a godly relationship. What many fail to realise from this story is that she almost lost her relationship with Joseph, her fiancé, because of the assignment God had given her. Yet, it was at the mercy of God that Joseph didn’t break up with her because God intervened. If you are going through difficulty in your healthy marriage or relationship, trust God to intervene just like He did for Mary and Joseph, and Boaz and Ruth.   

6. Don’t make permanent decisions based on temporary mistakes

For instance, that you have a child with someone out of wedlock does not mean you have to marry them. As a Christian, if you have made this mistake, it doesn’t have to be the end. God cares more about the preservation of your future than the mistakes of your past. Joshua 2:11-14 shows how Rahab, a prostitute, turned her life around by having faith in God despite what she had done or been through. We can also see how God put her in a wholesome relationship that ended up making her an ancestor of Jesus Christ (Matthew 1:5).  

Likewise, don’t carry the ghosts of your past failed relationships into the present. Find out what your insecurities are, accept them, and work on getting better.

How do you make up for past mistakes?

  1. Don’t do it again: Once is enough mistake already.
  2. Break the cycle of abuse: Protect your children from the things your parents didn’t protect you from.

In conclusion, the story of Hagar, who had little or no choice in the decision her mistress, Sarah, had made for her to marry her husband and have a child for him is another example of how God can meet you in your darkest hour. Isaiah 61:1 is God’s promise to bind your broken heart and put your life back in order. It is also important you know that the Holy Ghost is resident in you to heal your heart and not just for sanctification and power gifts. Also, remember God has promised that He will comfort you so you can use your experience to comfort others (2 Corinthians 1:3). 

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