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Believing in God’s Word and Spirit
Our greatest success story at Celebration Church, has been the ‘grace’ to effectively evangelize, make disciples of and deploy people who once upon a time, were mere seekers, as mature disciples and vibrant ministers of the gospel.
If you are seeking to grow in your understanding of the gospel, and in your consciousness of divine purpose, look no further! You’re in the right place
Emmanuel Iren

Emmanuel Iren

Lead Pastor

Pastor Emmanuel Iren is the Founder and Lead Pastor of Celebration Church International, headquartered in Abuja.
It is his passion to partner with people for their progress and joy in the Christian faith. He is married to Laju Iren, who Pastors with him, and they are blessed with two beautiful daughters.

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Experience progress and joy here.

Ehizogie Emoyoniredia

Pastor Iren breaks down the word of God and talks about ‘real’ things that youths and adults can relate to. The church has a family feeling and the choir is really amazing.

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Guiding Words for Living


“The paradox of purpose is this;

the reason you’re alive is worth dying for”

Purpose is that one thing for which you were created,

and at which you must succeed, otherwise,

nothing else you succeed at will count.

Emmanuel Iren

Senior Pastor