Our Ministry Arms

"Inaction has killed many visions than bravery has”

- Pastor Emmanuel Iren

We currently have three major ministry arms under Celebration

● Outburst Music Group

● CelebKids & CelebTeens

● Finding Salaam

Outburst Music Group

The aim of Outburst Music Group is to help the world ponder continually and accurately, the gospel of Christ. When we ponder Jesus, we’d all erupt in praise, hence the name Outburst Music Group. Our Music offers an experience – a spontaneous thankful response to the good news.

Outburst Music Group is committed to educating the world through Christ-centered music. It’s basically lyrical theology, or a teaching ministry with music as a vehicle. Through our music, we envision lives being influenced and culture being shaped anywhere and everywhere in the world.

Celeb Kids

Celeb Kids is the children’s ministry of Celebration Church International. Our vision is to see all children celebrating endless life in Christ. We are passionate about training children who are grounded in the faith and who will in turn disciple others for Christ. Under the leadership of our founder, Emmanuel Iren, we are committed to partnering with you and your ward for their progress and joy of faith.

Finding Salaam (Outreach Islam)

Finding Salaam is an evangelical ministry of Celebration Church International dedicated to reaching out to the Muslim community with the Gospel.

● We help train Christians about who Muslims are and what they believe in.
● We also provide effective strategies on how to deliver the Gospel to Muslims.