How to Get Over a Heartbreak

How to Get Over a Heartbreak

Failed romantic love can be extremely painful; a broken heart can cause a person to have depression, anxiety and, in more extreme cases, post-traumatic stress disorder. Heartbreak affects almost everyone at some point in their lives but the fact that it’s a common occurrence doesn’t make it any less painful. According to studies, your brain processes heartache in the same way it processes physical pain. When you’re struggling with a broken heart, you might feel like nothing will ever get better but the good news is, this too shall pass! 

Here are five ways to get over a heartbreak: 

1. Let go and Let God

The first step to getting over your broken heart is to accept that it is over, be willing to let go of the hurt, and believe that Jesus can heal you. It is important to God that you don’t stay set on who you were or what happened to you. Jesus makes whole so you have to be willing to forget the past. Jesus sees your pain, He knows what you have been through and He is more than willing to get you through this heartbreak (3 John 2)

2. Embrace Vulnerability

Some injuries can be bound up but others need to be left open to dry. Your heartbreak is one of such injuries. If you are going through stuff, you need to talk to someone.  You can take advantage of the community that you have in your local assembly by finding a few trusted people to confide in. You can talk to your Pastor or leaders in church directly as well. The truth is that exposure and vulnerability helps you heal better.

3. Go through some mind restructuring

If you’re experiencing a heartbreak , it is only normal that you have thoughts that put you down. Your self-esteem might have taken a tough hit and it is time to rebuild it. You can rebuild it by going through some mind restructuring, and this is best done by speaking God’s word to yourself and reminding yourself of all God says that you are(Psalm 139:14, 1 Peter 2:9).

4. Be patient with yourself

The same way everyone’s heartbreak is unique is the same way everyone’s healing period is different. You have to be patient with yourself. Whether it takes one month or a year for the healing to take place, you must believe that God is in it with you. Let your healing have its full course, don’t try to bury your feelings or emotions. Deal with them and don’t feel pressured to enter anything new. 

5. Form new and healthy habits

Picking up new and healthy habits like exercising, eating healthier, and learning a new skill are all things that can help build your self-confidence even as you get over your heartbreak. Building these healthy habits will stop you from constantly putting yourself down and this will help you get over a heartbreak faster. 

You may have been carrying this hurt for a long time but God is ready to heal you. God wants to bind you up and wrap you together. The Holy Ghost in you is for sanctification and power but He is also here to heal your emotions. 

Finally, A break-up may make you want to lose your mind but the news flash is, you have a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7), and just because a relationship failed, doesn’t mean you failed in life. God still has so much in store for you. His plans for you are still of good and not evil (Jeremiah 29:11). God wants to heal and comfort you so that you can help to heal and comfort others(Isaiah 61:1). God will make something good out of that mess. He will grow flowers out of those ashes of pain you feel right now (2 Corinthians 1:4). But the first step is to let go and let God! 

You  can learn more about how to get over heartbreaks here

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How to Get over a Heartbreak

How to Get Over a Heartbreak

Failed romantic love can be extremely painful; a broken heart can cause a person to have depression, anxiety and, in more extreme cases, post-traumatic stress

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