How to Let Go of Comparison and Embrace God-esteem

How to Let Go of Comparison and Embrace God-esteem

Have you ever compared yourself with that friend from college, university or even at the office?  You probably saw their wedding photos, award recognition or the grant received and you are wondering “God when”?

Comparison simply means to view one thing in relation to another.  But here’s the thing about comparison: it puts you in a competition you don’t remember getting enrolled in. That’s not all.


1. Comparison will make you run another man’s race.

Everybody ‘s journey is very different. It’s impossible to predict someone’s destiny from their journey. Growing up, the acceptable professions were, “Medicine, Law, Engineering, etc” but that’s not really the case anymore. Because the truth is; life doesn’t always go as planned. This is because as humans, we don’t always see the full picture. Only God does. .

2. Comparison puts you under pressure

If you understand this about life, you will cut yourself some slack and stop putting too much pressure on yourself. You will stop saying things like. “see what my mates are doing, what am I even doing with my life?” and understand that even if you didn’t start at the pace you expected, it doesn’t mean you won’t end up at the place you expect. Time doesn’t limit God. Instead of putting yourself under pressure, trust Him to make the best out of your life.

3. Comparison breeds vindication

When you see friends and colleagues succeeding and their posts all over social media, what do you say to yourself? If your goal or reason for wanting to succeed is to show off to the next person, then you’re going about it all wrong. Not all of us will be CEOs or top managerial staffs because we have all been given different assignments. 


1. Acknowledge who you are in Christ

As a believer, your esteem is not in yourself but in God. Therefore, it’s important that you see yourself the way God sees you: royalty, chosen, loved, adopted and full of glory. You carry the DNA of the Creator of the Universe. This is the God-fidence you should have.

Don’t put pressure on yourself trying to do it by your human effort. Wouldn’t you rather trust that the God who saved you is able to lead you always? That’s your reality as a Believer. Know who you are and walk in that knowledge.

2. Be Grateful

Just as your fingerprint differs from everyone else, so does your journey. Understand that you may not be where you want to be, but you are also no longer where you used to be.

Take some time out and count your blessings. Truly, it will surprise you what the Lord has done in you and through you. Be happy with your wins. By being grateful, you acknowledge that God takes precedence over your human efforts.

3. Celebrate with others

Be sincerely happy for those God is blessing around you. The popular saying, “If God is blessing your neighbour, it means He’s in the neighbourhood” is true. Celebrate with others when they’re celebrating. It’s a sure way to weed out the spirit of envy. 


The best way to build God esteem is by being content. Contentment is not found in material possessions or in your plans for the future. True contentment is found in Christ Jesus. True contentment comes from the hope of eternity.  Stay satisfied with where God will have you be per time. You know you are growing as a believer when you are content with where you are at every stage knowing that you are in God’s will.

So today and always, stay content in Christ, be grateful & enjoy your race.

You can listen to the full message on learning how to deal with comparison and building God esteem here 

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Abimbola Kolawole

September 2, 2022

This is accurate, thank you content team